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Incorporating Advocates Into Engaging Video For Influitive.com

I scripted and directed the elaborate, entertaining “top of funnel” music video below to drive downloads of an eBook about incorporating customer advocates into your content marketing strategy.

It’s about the one mistake every marketer is guilty of making at some point in their career…

…Yep. We marketers can be preeeeetty vain. All we usually do is talk about how great our product/services are, without realizing that buyers don’t care about what we have to say about ourselves; they care about what others have to say about us.

If marketers took half the time they spend rejigging their websites or tweaking new value props, and then used it to have their advocates say it for them instead, they’d have powerful, authentic, messages that truly resonate with buyers. </end rant>

This was one of the most fun video projects I’ve worked on. (But, it unfortunately ruined my favourite Carly Simon song for me.) The best part is we had some of our customer advocates lip-syncing along! Their enthusiasm makes this video amazing.

Note: credit for the original parody idea goes to my brilliant mentors Jim Williams and Cassandra Jowett. I just wrote the lyrics and brought it to life.


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