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Fashion Editorial For

realstylecoverAs a Fashion Editorial Intern at between June to August 2011, I wrote daily beauty, health and fashion content based on current trends and news and designed graphics for articles and featured content slider images.

I also had the opportunity to create all of the layouts for a 42 page online magazine, while communicating revisions with a team of editors. I also kept production on track by sourcing images and submitting spreads in a timely fashion. Below are some of the layouts from the Fall 2011 issue!







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On The Danforth Online Editor-in-Chief

While completing my Book and Magazine Publishing Post Graduate Diploma and Centennial College (Sept. 2010 – April 2012), I took on the role of Online Editor-in-Chief for, which is part of a class project that produces two magazines each year. I redesigned the website, set up a weekly publishing schedule for a team of editors and writers, and introduced social media promotions and new advertising opportunities, which helped to nearly triple traffic to the website. 2011 2011

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Print Career-related Writing

tonight_jillian_woodAs an Assistant Editor at I had the opportunity to write for related publications and have several stories picked up for publication by T.O. Night magazine and The Globe and Mail’s student education portal

I also researched and wrote a small introduction about the current state of Fine and Performing Arts job prospects for The Globe and Mail’s annual University Report.


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Assistant Editor Pieces For

Picture 8As an Assistant Editor at, a career portal for students and recent graduates, I had the opportunity to pitch and write stories for a Gen-Y audience. This was a virtual internship where I was required to edit the work of my peers on a weekly basis and contribute the website’s comments and forum.

Below is a sampling of stories published between May to December of 2010.

Is A University Degree Worth $1 Million?

To Write A Resume Objective Or Not – Alternatives To The Objective

How to talk about your greatest personal accomplishment in a job interview

My LinkedIn Makeover: The Basics

My LinkedIn Makeover: The Final Touches

How To Hatch A Career In Accounting Without Accounting-Related Education

3 New Jobs In Internet Marketing And Sales, And How You Can Get One

The Top 5 Ways To Use Your Holiday Downtime To Find A Job

5 Questions You Shouldn’t Ask During Your Interview

Resume Help: How To Write A Resume Objective


Graphics & Video

Video Creation For Sault College

    In the summer of 2010, I worked in two areas of Sault College–The Library and Residence. Below are several of the promotional videos I did for both, as well as some educational screen captures and learning modules with quizzes, made using Captivate and Camtasia, for students.In total, I created 18 videos and 3 learning modules. One video was also posted to ProQuest’s Facebook Page as an example of an introduction to their database. Beyond these videos Ialso created YouTube accounts for both raylawsonhall residence and the saultcollegelibrary.
    • “Bella discovers a new place to read about vampires in the Sault College Library. To book a study room, visit”

      This video was created to promote the library study rooms. The video appeared on the library website and Sault College’s facebook page.

    • “The Glee Club wants to make sure all the computers aren’t taken in the library. Luckily, they learn about Sault College Library’s equipment rentals….”

      This video was created to promote the library equipment loans a lot of students never knew about. The video appeared on the library website and Sault College’s facebook page.

    • “Hilary learns that when you go beyond the closed doors on the top floor of the library, it is a designated quiet zone. However, you do receive a complimentary 1920’s outfit :)”

      This video was created to promote the library’s new study space upstairs . The video appeared on the library website.

    • This video was used as a promotion for Sault College’s Orientation week, meant to familiarize new students with the campus before their arrival. It was posted on Sault College’s main website and facebook page.

    • This video was created as virtual tour of Ray Lawson Hall Residence’s facilities. It is one of a four part series featured on Sault College’s website.


    How to talk about your greatest personal accomplishment in a job interview

    This article was originally published on on June 15th 2010.

    It’s common for interviewers to ask you about your past accomplishments. Before your interview, you probably thought about tangible goals you reached in school or at your last job. However, have you thought about your greatest personal accomplishment?

    I was recently thrown for a loop in an interview when asked this question, and now wish I had thought up an appropriate answer in advance, rather than the one I stumbled over.

    Personal accomplishments are not work-related. If you need clarification as to what constitutes a personal success, you can always ask the interviewer. There isn’t a hard and fast rule about how to answer this question. Below are some possible experiences that may help if you’re ever asked.


    If you helped an organization or even a single person through volunteering, explain what you did, how you did it, and why it felt good or how it affected your outlook on your life or your career. Corporate Social Responsibility is important to a lot of companies. Being the kind of person who likes to give back may increase your chances of being hired.

    Scholastic awards

    As a student or recent grad, it doesn’t hurt to discuss how hard you worked for that A+ in Finance. Just make sure you don’t turn your struggle with a subject into a weakness (i.e., “Despite the fact that I really sucked at math I managed to ___”).

    Sports or hobbies

    Have you ever trained for a triathlon? Are you a yo-yo champion on the weekends? Describing how disciplined you had to be to reach a goal shows character and passion. Just make sure you don’t sound like your other interests are more important than the position itself. The interviewers don’t want to know your day job is only meant to finance your subscription to online role playing games or UFO hunting on the weekends.

    Moving to a new city or going abroad

    Craft this answer carefully so it doesn’t sound like everyone else’s by focusing on the specific challenges you overcame in a new place and the success you achieved socially to show how easily you adapt to new settings (and new jobs). A lot of other students may also call on this example and you don’t want to sound generic.

    A new experience you tried or a fear you over came

    When telling these stories, it’s important to focus on the steps you took and the solid facts that lead to the achievement (i.e., “I overcame my inexplicable fear of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches by _____”). If possible, feel free to make the story mildly entertaining to show off your personality.

    Being a care giver

    Although it is an incredibly difficult and personal situation to describe, focusing on the problems you faced and how you dealt with them (without turning the story into a melodrama) will demonstrate that you are stoic and capable of doing what needs to be done during difficult times.

    How you reacted to an emergency situation

    If you’ve ever saved a life, helped deliver a baby, or offered first aid, use these stories to high light your cool head and analytic mind during emergencies.

    If you’ve managed to juggle your personal goals with career and/or educational ones, mention that too. Try to avoid obvious, clichéd answers, and using the phrase “I just believed in myself and I accomplished _____.” Briefly explain how you achieved your goals so that you can illustrate what a stellar candidate you are for the position.

    I think this question is more or less meant to let the interviewers learn more interesting things about you, what you think is important, and the breadth of your experience. Just remember that honest answers, which truly mean something to you, will come across more sincerely than fake answers that sound impressive.


    Take Twitter at Face Value (Unless You Think It Doesn’t Have Any)

    Professor Boutros brought up in our final lecture that we really hadn’t touched on Twitter very much during the course. I spent last summer investigating social media for the Ministry of Natural Resources, and would like to clear up some common conceptions about the social networking site.

    If you're confused about all this tweeting nonsense, read on.

    If you're confused about all this tweeting nonsense, read on.

    1. Twitter is a place for people and/or celebrities to tweet about their lives and is, therefore, a general waste of time Continue reading