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Incorporating Advocates Into Engaging Video For Influitive.com

I scripted and directed the elaborate, entertaining “top of funnel” music video below to drive downloads of an eBook about incorporating customer advocates into your content marketing strategy.

It’s about the one mistake every marketer is guilty of making at some point in their career…

…Yep. We marketers can be preeeeetty vain. All we usually do is talk about how great our product/services are, without realizing that buyers don’t care about what we have to say about ourselves; they care about what others have to say about us.

If marketers took half the time they spend rejigging their websites or tweaking new value props, and then used it to have their advocates say it for them instead, they’d have powerful, authentic, messages that truly resonate with buyers. </end rant>

This was one of the most fun video projects I’ve worked on. (But, it unfortunately ruined my favourite Carly Simon song for me.) The best part is we had some of our customer advocates lip-syncing along! Their enthusiasm makes this video amazing.

Note: credit for the original parody idea goes to my brilliant mentors Jim Williams and Cassandra Jowett. I just wrote the lyrics and brought it to life.

B2B Marketing, Graphics & Video

Referral SEO Project & Video Series For Influitive.com

Our goal was rank #1 for B2B referral related keywords. Our growth marketer researched the terms, while I created several pieces of content for each.

Over a 6-month period, I created and/or updated 23 blogs, published 3 new static pages, and wrote two referral related eBooks to create conversion points.

After realizing I could only write so much about B2B referrals before I bored myself to death, I came up with an idea for a fun video series that would help us hit our keyword targets: Rachel, The Referral Relationship Expert.

She looks familiar…

Through a blog/video series, “Rachel” answered marketer’s questions about referral programwith a her signature, sassy stylein a format that mimicked the well-known “Dear Abby” newspaper column.

You can read all of the articles here, and all of the videos here. (Note I did not design the branding for the series.)

As a result of the work, we were quickly able to land the #1 spot on several referral SERPs.




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Fashion Editorial For RealStyleNetwork.com

realstylecoverAs a Fashion Editorial Intern at RealStyleNetwork.com between June to August 2011, I wrote daily beauty, health and fashion content based on current trends and news and designed graphics for articles and featured content slider images.

I also had the opportunity to create all of the layouts for a 42 page online magazine, while communicating revisions with a team of editors. I also kept production on track by sourcing images and submitting spreads in a timely fashion. Below are some of the layouts from the Fall 2011 issue!







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On The Danforth Online Editor-in-Chief

While completing my Book and Magazine Publishing Post Graduate Diploma and Centennial College (Sept. 2010 – April 2012), I took on the role of Online Editor-in-Chief for OnTheDanforth.ca, which is part of a class project that produces two magazines each year. I redesigned the website, set up a weekly publishing schedule for a team of editors and writers, and introduced social media promotions and new advertising opportunities, which helped to nearly triple traffic to the website.

OntheDanforth.ca 2011

OntheDanforth.ca 2011

Graphics & Video

Video Creation For Sault College

    In the summer of 2010, I worked in two areas of Sault College–The Library and Residence. Below are several of the promotional videos I did for both, as well as some educational screen captures and learning modules with quizzes, made using Captivate and Camtasia, for students.In total, I created 18 videos and 3 learning modules. One video was also posted to ProQuest’s Facebook Page as an example of an introduction to their database. Beyond these videos Ialso created YouTube accounts for both raylawsonhall residence and the saultcollegelibrary.
    • “Bella discovers a new place to read about vampires in the Sault College Library. To book a study room, visit saultcollege.ca/library.”

      This video was created to promote the library study rooms. The video appeared on the library website and Sault College’s facebook page.

    • “The Glee Club wants to make sure all the computers aren’t taken in the library. Luckily, they learn about Sault College Library’s equipment rentals….”

      This video was created to promote the library equipment loans a lot of students never knew about. The video appeared on the library website and Sault College’s facebook page.

    • “Hilary learns that when you go beyond the closed doors on the top floor of the library, it is a designated quiet zone. However, you do receive a complimentary 1920’s outfit :)”

      This video was created to promote the library’s new study space upstairs . The video appeared on the library website.

    • This video was used as a promotion for Sault College’s Orientation week, meant to familiarize new students with the campus before their arrival. It was posted on Sault College’s main website and facebook page.

    • This video was created as virtual tour of Ray Lawson Hall Residence’s facilities. It is one of a four part series featured on Sault College’s website.